6th February 2017


We can offer you a complete itinerary suggestion, done in cooperation with one of our close partners. Whether you wish to explore hiking around our beautiful hillsides, flying helicopter over one of our glaciers, slide silently through the water in a kayak, or simply to have a great party with a viking theme to experience some of the old Norway – everything can be arranged.

From the buzzing summer active cities in South East, via the mindblowing Fjords along the West Coast, all the way up to the nature pretty and spectacular Arctic climate at Svalbard. Our extensive network will ensure you a great itinerary for both young and old onboard!

To assist you better, please provide us with the following info:

– How many guests will be on board the Yacht?
– Are there any children among?
– How many days do you intend to cruise around Norway?

Then we shall provide you with a good suggestion of what to do, and what to visit while cruising in Norway and Svalbard.

Itineraries are done in cooperation with:

FJORGUIDING DA (Fjords at the West Coast)
POLAR-X (Northern Norway Incl. Svalbard).